The only important thing is to surrender


(I just found out that I like to write in English)

The only important thing is to surrender. Whatever the method we use to go there, the goal is to surrender. Religious systems are patterns of ideas built to make people safe enough so that eventually they dare to surrender. Because it is really tough to surrender to the unknown. But this is what it is all about, since when we finally let go of everything, it is always a jump in the unknown. There’s only one spiritual way, and it is to surrender to what is, right here, right now. And we are so afraid! The founders of religions, when they speak, try to give us confidence in something to give us the courage to jump into the abyss. Buddhists, especially Zen, take the opposite path: they invite us to drift slowly from our resistance to enter the emptiness that is everything. Religions use so many words, and ultimately give so much comfort and beliefs that people find themselves caught up in words and ideas that they finally struggle to make the leap of faith. That is why the mystical approach we find in each religion reduces its language to the essence of what we need to know: that there is nothing to fear, that Life and Grace are just waiting for us on the other side of surrendering.

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